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For the first time in the world, this platform has succeeded in showing a natural substance – the artemisinin molecule – the real medical benefit to whose discovery the Nobel Prize for Medicine has already been awarded.

The principle is promising: the natural molecule artemsinin is a drug that targets the cancer cell and selectively eliminates only those cells as a tailored drug against a variety of cancers.

Knowledge meets pioneering spirit

As with many biopharmaceutical companies and innovative medical platforms, this platform also has its roots in academic research.

Dr. med. Andreas Puttich, co-founder and developer of this platform, came across an unexpected discovery in his medical research work at the end of 2009: the bio-molecule artemisinin, which is considered to be very unstable, can – contrary to the common doctrine – be directly absorbed by correct dosage and taking biological properties into account as a therapeutic the cancer cells and their growth influence. Complicated additional formulations or molecular packaging are not required.

From this finding on the applicability of the molecule artemisinin fundamentally new dimensions for the treatment of cancer emerged. These fascinating possibilities have led the initiators of this platform, even in a difficult market environment, initially to develop this therapy without investors.

Cure – Varied therapies (= cure) based on a revolutionary substance: Artemisinin (= Arte)

Since this discovery, the fascination for these new medical options has not diminished. On the contrary, the extraordinary potential of artemisinin (artesunate) has been persuasive over time through scientific research and clinical application.

The result is a dynamic that has made ArteCure what it is today: a biomedical substance pioneering the development of novel anticancer drugs.

The fact that medical studies on this topic are now being conducted worldwide confirms the approach.

ArteCure – Artemisinin – Artesunate has the potential to open new therapy worlds for cancer medicine.

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In 2015, the Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded for the discovery of the artemisinin – artesunate – molecule. This confirms once again the correctness of the chosen path.


Artesunate therapy

The greatest hopes of complementary cancer medicine rest on this ancient medicinal plant: annual mugwort (Artemisia annua).

The active ingredient from the Chinese mugwort, as an artesunate, meets all the criteria, at some point to count among the very large cancer remedies.

Artesunate: Secondcareer for Cancer (DocCheck News)

“The natural product artemisinin and its derivatives not only help in the fight against malaria but possibly also in cancer therapy. Researchers were now able to decipher the molecular details of how these drugs manage to destroy cancer cells.”


Malaria drug artesunate activates cancer cell-specific lysosomal cell death (University Heidelberg)

“Heidelberg scientists investigate cellular processes in the killing of breast cancer cells. The medicinal product artemisinin obtained from a medicinal plant can be used not only in the treatment of malaria, but also possibly in the treatment of cancer.”


Artemisia annua: against malaria and cancer … (Alternative santé)

“L’Artemisia annua est une plante aromatique qui a été utilisée par la médecine chinoise en tant que puissant remède du paludisme, maladie qui, en dépit des statistiques officielles, reste la plus ravageuse de la planète. L’artémisine est le principe actif de cette plante. On vient de se rendre compte de sa stupéfiante efficacité contre le cancer du poumon et du sein. À condition d’y ajouter du fer.”

Translate : Artemisia annua is an aromatic plant that has been used as a potent remedy for malaria in Chinese medicine, a disease that, despite official statistics, remains the most devastating on the planet. Artemisinin is the active principle of this plant. You can see its amazing effectiveness against lung and breast cancer. If iron is added.